About the Embodied Heart Method

I’m so delighted you have stopped by to visit my site. I have so much to share with you. I want to begin by talking about what the eneregy of embodiment means to me, and how I utilze it in my work. Embodment is an essential part of the spiritual teaching of The Embodied Heart Method, which is a spiritual development method I have developed over the last 30 years. It is based in Indigenous Knowlege that has been handed down to me through 4 generations on both sides of my indigenous cultural lineage. It involves bringing your entire Being into integration through opening your human and etheric hearts. Your heart is the center point between your physical and spiritual consciousness. Opening your Heart activates a re-alignment between you, Earth, Cosmic Consciousness and your Soul. It activates your cellular memory codes and creates a higher frequency in your consciousness, allowing you to access your Divinity and discover your Soul Work.



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